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7 Reasons To Re-Invent the Sales Rep

I just launched and people ask, “So what is the deal with Conducted Sales?”

The main objective is to re-imagine what it means to be a sales agent, especially for brands and products that are new, and usually quite niche.

You might ask, why? I believe there are 7 reasons;

1)      Windshield time.

Windshield time

A sales rep can drive 2, 3, 4 hours to get to sales call.  In the meantime, cell phone calls are limited (if not illegal), admin is out the window, and when you get to where you are going, the meeting might be delayed.

1)     Environmental

Related to windshield time in that a rep will burn a lot of gas getting around to visit accounts.

2)     Economics

A rep covers their own expenses (car, office, cell, internet, meals, travel, etc) and building new brands the current way is costly, with a long curve to revenue growth.

3)     Strong Competition for Floor Space

Crowded appliance showroom

There all lots of specialty brands out there and fewer retail stores to put them in. Those stores that remain are under BIG pressure from incumbent brands to keep their space.

1)     eComm gap

Large retailers have invested into building digital marketplaces to show products and leverage their operating systems. Meanwhile, there are still a lot of small independent retailers that do not have a website, let alone one that is transactional. The difference is “let me take your money” or “call me for a quote”.

2)     Staff Turnover

Interestingly, this is less of an issue with small independents. Larger stores experience greater turnover, which means who you trained last month, might not be there in 6 months.

3)     Social Distancing

This is obviously new, but if you can’t go and physically see the buyer, then what do you do?

The solution?

The cornerstone to addressing all the above (including #5) is the Conducted Sales website. It is an information hub for the Retailer with costs, inventory availability and product training. It is also eComm with a twist. Customer sales are attributed to the local Retailer registered on the website and they get the profit and the customer.

Registration is free. Come join the network!

Canada              USA

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