About us

In 2017 Conducted Sales & Marketing was established with the purpose of leveraging digital tools to change the way appliance brands could be supported to gain sales in the various online and bricks & mortar channels in Canada and the United States.

The continuing decline in traditional retail locations and the expansion of a few national retailers makes it more and more difficult for new and niche brands to find space on the bricks & mortar floor. Highly trained and knowledgeble sales people are hard to find, and getting them the information they need to satisfy consumer needs is as challenging as ever.

The rapid expansion of online markets, digitally native retail, and "expanded aisle" strategies of retailers has opened up options for consumers but also comes with additional demands on manufacturers to manage retail pricing and content.

Smaller resellers (retailers, builders, designers, etc) don't always have the time or technical skills to effectively compete in the online space and yet are missing out in participating in that path to purchase journey by the majority of consumers. These same resellers are also busy working on their business and do not always find those 'diamonds in the rough' products that allow them to differentiate and build their business.

Overseas manufacturing with required minimum order quantities and container only shipping creates barriers to entry for small and medium resellers wanting to provide unique, value added solutions to their customers.

Increasing costs to travel, not to mention the environmental impact of "windshield" time, means relationships and information needs to be delivered differently.

Consumers, who value choice and appliance solutions uniquely tailored to their needs, are intentionally blocked by the marketing and sales strategies of the main stream appliance manufactureres from being exposed to smaller companies, with brilliant products, but not the budget to dominate the online and bricks & mortar space.

The Conducted mission is to give a voice, and a home, to quality brand alternatives in the North American home appliance and outdoor market.