CSM Services


We haveĀ the hands-on experience of retail buying, promotion, merchandising and marketing in both durable goods and Consumer Packaged Goods(CPG). This insight permits effective relationship building and sales planning with the internal Buying/Merch teams.


Connections to distributor representatives and sales agents, as well as the management perspective of a CITT Certified Logistics Professional. This comprehensive approach takes into account the entire path to purchase in determining the ideal retail partners and distribution of your products.


A Certified Professional Strategic Advisor in Category Management, Conducted Sales and Marketing brings the discipline and structured approach necessary to articulate the strategy necessary to align to the Brand objectives, formulate effective tactics, and proceed to successful implementation.


CSM provides a single point of contact to bring your brand to North America. TheĀ connections of CSM at all levels of the North American retail marketplace and supported by the unique approach to supporting your business is a cost effective and efficient path to success.


The and websites not only support the information needs of independent retailers but also facilitate the purchase of the agency represented products on behalf of the registered retailers. Consumers can buy with confidence from the factory represented website and at the same time benefit from local retailer service and support.